Astech are experts with IBM iSeries (AS400)

These days very few providers of IT services support IBM iSeries software but Astech are specialists, with particular expertise in iSeries systems and their developments.We frequently deal with long-established applications that have been modified almost beyond recognition. This often creates a dilemma for the IT manager in terms of support. An in-house team is time-consuming, costly to build and may leave; temporary staff require minimum contract periods and seldom have much loyalty.A far more satisfactory alternative is to engage Astech and our highly experienced, long-standing and dedicated IBM iSeries team. The Astech team has almost certainly seen every variation and modification of most systems and we haven’t come across one yet that we haven’t been able to fix.

Typically a client relationship starts small. We fix a program, or do a small development piece, and as trust grows we are given larger projects, such as IBM iSeries/.NET cross-platform integration.

Who can offer combined IBM iSeries/.NET skills?

Whilst there may be plenty of Microsoft specialist companies around, Astech is one of very few that can offer high quality cross-platform expertise in IBM iSeries and .NET.

Often IBM iSeries is the original system, installed at great expense and running satisfactorily for many years. But what if you want to increase the capacity or functionality of the system by using a Microsoft application? Will the add-on be compatible?Astech are specialists in IBM iSeries and combine this with a highly skilled, in-house team of software developers for .NET systems.Many of our clients have benefitted from our skills in being able to adapt and enhance the core system rather than replace it.

Sometimes Astech are involved a more strategic programme to support IT managers with their change plans such as phasing out modules of the IBM iSeries application in stages. We are also used as a safe pair of hands to take over the day-to-day support of existing systems leaving IT managers free to work with the internal teams on training and change management.

Astech’s .NET team is highly experienced across the whole spectrum from inception, design and development through set up and implementation, to fire fighting when something is going wrong.

Some of things we do.

  • Integrating ecommerce with central ERP systems
  • App development and ERP integration
  • 24/7 software support
  • Stock management and warehouse management system integration
    • We have built interfaces between the IBMi and SAP, Red Prairie, High Jump, PKMS, Van Der Lande, etc..
  • RPG & .Net development
  • Legacy system support and development
  • JDA MMS specialists (implementation, support, & development)
    • Multi-country rollout, multi-currency pricing
    • Supply chain optimisation, replenishment, multi-channel delivery
    • Financials, average costings, stock auditing