Astech's IBMi Modernisation Framework

Most organisations' business IT systems rely on multiple platforms, languages and databases. Add to this the myriad of programming architectures and delivery models, achieving a successful integration can turn into a costly project.

At Astech we take a holistic view on modernisation. We focus on bringing together industry best practices, the latest technology trends, developments and tools to meet the unique needs of the IBM i community. Our seasoned IBM i team design a framework to help organisations review, develop and execute their modernisation strategy. Our framework delivers tangible outcomes for application structure, data access and user interface.

Application Modernisation

Astech’s IBM i and Microsoft .Net experience fully integrates As/400, iSeries, System i with agile systems, helping organisations to increase the reliability of their business systems, position applications for the next decade, improve productivity and reduce long term cost. We help organisations to keep and reuse core business processes while reengineering, refactoring and enhancing the rest of the application, to continue satisfying business and user demand.

Data Integration, Access and Management

Every year companies suffer losses in productivity and performance with users spending hundreds of hours transferring business critical information between systems. We help organisation build interoperability between systems, applications and database content to deliver cross platform integration with IBM i. We can manage the process in part or in its entirety. Astech is one of a handful of organisations whose consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience of integrating to IBMi platforms using Websphere MQ and biztalk, integration solutions.


SOA, Webservices and Mobile – User Interfaces

The demand for a common interface is increasing as users become technologically savvy and experience of traditional 5250, green screens is diminishing. Screen scrapping or creating a graphical user interface (GUI), are two possibilities of addressing this requirement, although not always the most cost effective in the long run. Astech has developed numerous user interfaces to IBM i systems and can help organisations to implement the most optimal. We help organisations address the need for a user friendly interface by developing a framework and service oriented architecture (SOA), across all required systems and applications. Using our multi-skilled professional services team, companies can deliver user interfaces that enable interaction with third parties through web service, accessing applications via a browser or the cloud, and across multiple devices, desktops, tablets and mobiles. Our .Net development team has built and successfully implemented the native iOS mobile access, also found in our CMIS product.

Modernisation Credentials

Over the years we have successfully delivered numerous integration and modernisation projects. Our seasoned IBM i professional services team have a combined experience spanning several decades and are proficient across multiple software applications, platforms and development languages. Amongst our skill base we have specialist knowledge of modernising enterprise applications used by manufacturing and retail organisations.